Collecting And Caring For Glass Figurines & More


Collecting glass figurines can be very fascinating. They light up every room with their lustrous shine and are usual head turners. A piece of these will usually cost you a lot. So keep in mind that in having one, you must take really good care of it. You must take in consideration the proper caring and maintenance of these luxurious collectables.

The first thing that you should have is a place to keep it. Something that will store it safely but will still let you and other people see its beauty. For this to take effect, a glass sealed container like the corner curio cabinet on this website can be of great help. Others like this will protect your figurines from possible damage that are sometimes caused by improper handling or unintentional bumping. Imagine seeing a piece of your collection crashing to the ground. Yikes, that would hurt your eyes.

Aside from keeping them safe and sound on a locker, you should also maintain their shine to prevent it in becoming a lackluster object. There are different ways where you can keep its brightness from dulling. Wiping it with a clean cloth with a little detergent soap can do the job but you should take caution when doing so. These things are very fragile and one wrong move will cost you dollars.

Although it is sealed in a secured area, it will still accumulate dirt on its surface. Aside from cleaning with a damp cloth, another technique I found is the use of compressed air to get rid of the dirt. This is rather a safer way of cleaning it. It is also a more accurate way of removing that pesky dirt stuck on your porcelains.

It is really good to start on a collection. It is fun seeing a collection that started with only one thing then after a few months blooms into dozens and dozens. It is also more delightful to the eyes if you can maintain its good look and condition. It may take you sometime in getting used to collecting these kind of stuff but I know, it would be worth the dime.

Rearranging A Kitchen During Some Appliance Upgrades

A visit to a nearby home appliance store really opened my eyes to new technology available for the kitchen. There are so many advancements in stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and freezers that I have not really paid attention to since I got this stuff for the first kitchen.

Well needless to say, this visit has forced me to do a little upgrading of my own in the kitchen. I decided I had to get a new hood range and a new stove top. I’ve been using an electric stove top for the longest time and the response time with the heat isn’t cutting it. It works okay, but not when you want to have full control of the heat.

The hood range wasn’t really doing it’s job properly either, so we decided to get a nice sleek, glass version with a slanted top. Our old hood range was just a carbon filter, so it really didn’t take air out, but instead filtered it and shot it back into the kitchen. It isn’t really that effective. This part was connected to a microwave so we had to move that microwave out and get one without a fan on the bottom.

I love to cook on the stove, but realize that we will need a microwave oven for more convenient heating of foods such as leftovers and popcorn for movie night. So we had to pick up another one of these microwaves, and find a new spot for it in the kitchen too. We decided on the counter wouldn’t cut it and settled on one of the fancy microwave carts that were on display at the appliance store.

This increased our vertical storage dramatically and kept everything looking tidy which I just love for the kitchen. So after we had the new oven put in and hood range installed, our kitchen felt like that much more up to date. I realize the tile and fridge are a still dated, but those improvements will have to wait until the next few paychecks.

The Storage Ottoman Surprise

One of my favorite pieces of furniture is the storage ottoman with tray. When the evening dishes are done I like to sit in my favorite chair, get my book out of the storage ottoman with tray and have a nice cup of hot tea while I prop my feet up, read my book and drink my cup of tea. I will normally set my cup of tea on my coffee table so I can take full advantage of propping my feet up. The ottoman I found has extra cushions, which is great on my tired feet at the end of the day.

I also store my latch a hook set in my storage ottoman with tray. I like to use the tray to keep different colors of yarn I am working with when making a carpet. Storage ottomans with trays come in different sizes and I found one that has a nice deep storage area. Everything fits in it perfectly and is out of site during the day or when not in use.

My husband started using my storage ottoman with tray to prop his feet up and when I would come in from doing the dishes there are times when he falls asleep. I could not have that because all my evening things were in the ottoman. I went to the place where I purchased our first ottoman and found him a matching storage ottoman with tray. I had it delivered to the house. When he came home from work one day, the storage ottoman with tray was in front of his chair. He was pleasantly surprised and found that he liked keeping the remote controls in the storage ottoman with tray. Now we both enjoy putting our feet up at the end of a long day.

I cannot say enough about our storage ottomans with trays. We use them daily and find they are easy to keep clean too. I have been thinking about buying another storage ottoman for our bedroom. We have a chair and a smaller storage ottoman with tray would be nice to have since the chair does not recline.